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Welcome to the PKI Club - a community for PKI experts, IT security specialists and anyone who wants to learn and share knowledge about PKI. Here we discuss and investigate current and new trends and provide you with the means to get answers to the most burning questions about PKI. Our goal is to create a place where ideas, experience and knowledge come first.
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Who should join?

  • Our PKI Club is designed for PKI prospects, representatives and experts from a full range of global industries, who are looking to:

    • Promote corporate and personal brands by sharing PKI expertise and knowledge
    • Enhance marketing campaigns with interesting and hot-topic materials
    • Be in line with PKI trends and learn how to adapt to them
  • We invite IT security specialists from different economic spheres and world regions as our PKI Club can help them to:

    • Extend network and meet colleagues from the PKI world
    • Sharpen knowledge about the newest PKI trends
    • Get the experts’ consultation regarding specific use cases
  • We welcome system integrators and IT distributors in our PKI Club where they can:

    • Identify new leads interested in PKI products
    • Find potential technological partners and resellers
    • Learn how to get ahead of competitors

Our events

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We have no upcoming events at this moment. Stay tuned and be the first one to get the news!
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Past - See what you missed

  • PKI Conference 2022 (24.11.2022)

    PKI technology is an extremely complex and at the same time very effective system, solutions based on it are constantly evolving, which allows companies to increase their level of efficiency. However such evolution can also create a gap between the customers’ needs and their internal technological capabilities. PKI Conference is an annual event whose goal is to bring what PKI market has to offer closer to the customer.

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  • PKI 2.0 Conference (21.10.2021)

    In the digital ecosystem, PKI management appears to be one of the most complex, yet strongly effective systems. Some parts of the technology are fastly evolving, and other parts remain the same for decades. Our Global Conference hosted roundtable discussions, knowledge sessions and networking meetings where the main topic was the capabilities and development of the PKI.

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  • Roundtable: Evolution of Trust - Get ready for PKI 2.0 (26.01.2021)

    The evolution of PKI creates a growing mismatch between the needs of companies and the capabilities that legacy software and hardware can provide. At the virtual roundtable, four experts discussed the PKI present and future and addressed the ongoing PKI changes.

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